Flannel Board Size
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Flannel Board Size
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Teacher Placing Figures

Flannel board figuresHaving a flannel board that all can clearly see and appropriately sized figures to go with it is very important. Unlike other display media, the flannel board is not normally appropriate for use out of doors in a breeze! A Church Army sister I knew was giving a talk to children using a flannel board presentation in the open-air. After a few of the flannel figures had been blown off by the gusty prevailing wind and out of frustration, she just held the flannel board figures in position on the board until she could tuck them back into a safe place out of the wind.

The Board Horizon

Flannel board piecesSome teachers stumble into another pitfall due to their positioning of the flannel board pieces on the board. A flannel board figure placed above another can confuse a child into thinking that one was flying and another crouching below. A better approach is to imagine a horizontal line running across the board and make the flannel board pieces stand or walk on that.

Size of Flannel Figures

Teacher placing figuresFlannelgraph size also has its limitations because of the size of the figures. Most available stories are designed to be used with small groups gathered around a speaker in a room. If you have a large assembly or a children's talk in a church service, be aware that at a distance the figures may not be distinguishable from one another on the flannel board.✞

"Flannel Board Size"
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