Television Internet Power
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Television Internet Power
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New Technology Cult

cookiemanLike the authentic God, television and increasingly the Internet are omnipresent (meaning "present everywhere") and omnipotent (meaning "all powerful.") This is a truth we know for television and mobile screens are everywhere and have an all-powerful authority over individuals. Large and small screens bring into lives at the touch of a button all the wonders of nature and the secrets of the universe. Internet power, television and movies gave us visions of the future when we travelled at warp speed across the galaxies to behold new imaginary Star Trek civilizations. We communicated over huge distances even oceans in microseconds!

Omnipresent Omnipotent

artificial limbTelevision's power enabled us to transport via phone or Skype in a moment around the globe to places in the news in Ireland, the Soviet Union, Australia even the Antarctic. We can no longer say of the multitudes of starving refugees in Central Africa, "We didn't know," for television power showed awful poverty and hunger everywhere. The prophets of television were authoritative and forceful figures. Engrossed audiences by the millions listened intently to the wisdom of television gurus like Dr Oz, Dr Phil, Judge Judy, Oprah Winfrey and others.✞

New Atheistic Saints

Microsoft LogoSaints in this technological cult were created out of television personalities not because of their sacrificial service of others but because of their ability to act out what they were not. Internet companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Apple and others have enormous wealth and wield great power even over nations as large and powerful as China or the United States even though they hid their profits and often avoided paying taxes.

"Television Internet Power"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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