Television's Atheist Standards
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Television's Atheist Standards 18

Seven Selfish Standards

Human TorsoBolstered by Television dream-makers, our culture is replacing the ten commandments with "The Seven Selfish Standards."

1. "Look after number one."
2. "The name of the game is, Party!"
3. "Grab all you can, when you can."
4. "Fleece the suckers, there's one born every minute."
5. "Don't get angry, get even!"
6. "Say what you need to, to get what you want!"
7. "Religion is for nerds."

Television's Dream Makers

TelevisionThe Seven Selfish Standards are championed in our culture. Though television can be a wonderful teaching medium, it has become directly opposed to Christianity and promotes television's own atheistic standards. Rather than challenging the church to debate the issues, television slithers quietly around the back and destroys its adherent's moral standards and beliefs. Incredibly, some things television's atheist standards presents as promising the greatest satisfaction inflict most pain! Sleekly packaged beers and wines are presented as the route to a good time and sexy friends but cause huge damage in marital, work and family relations.

"Television's Atheist Standards"
by Ron Meacock © 2017

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