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Christ Holy Church
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Secular Culture

A clown doll on a chairTelevision gets much of its financial support from pseudo-religions. Unwittingly, parts of Christ Holy Church, other faith groups and religions have helped television in its own development. By using its religious channels, TV entices people away from conventional churches. At the same time, these pseudo-religions support TV very well financially. They use this income to further undermine their Christian followers' beliefs.

Lack of Personal Contact

Television set and SeatsTV knows that once people click on their own sanctuaries even to listen to their own leaders, they will stay and eventually join them. The weakness of TV is that it cannot give people a caring Church, a "face-to-face" real meeting which is essential to the Faith. The Church of Christ has forgotten the transcendent nature of religion. TV in a secular society supplies people with fantasy rather than reality. Most Christians have not even realized that the television church exists!

Discovering Fresh Models

Transcendental Doves in FlightIn the Twenty First Century, we are discovering a fresh model to reach this culturally enslaved secular society. The successful plan is not so much something new, but the rediscovery of an older Biblical idea, the Holy Church of Christ. She will not replace but will drastically overhaul the institutional format we have been using since the fourth century. Lorne Mead the Christian thinker recognizes the problem but does not yet see the answer. He writes, "I believe that we are being called to be midwives for a new church, working to help our present forms and structures give birth to forms appropriate for the new mission of the church."

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