Christian Faith Issues
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Christian Faith Issues
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Online Bible Study

Welcome to Tellout, the website about the Christian faith, evangelism, and antique photos. My hope as you discover these pages dealing with any faith issues is that you will find here answers to your questions and enjoy the interesting antique photos from the Hi-Vu Magic Lantern Slides Collection. You will also find some fascinating discussions in the "Household of Faith" section.

Magic Lantern Slides

Open Bible and GlassesAs a Bible student, you may wish to explore the online Bible study of the Book of Revelation, or the relationship of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in "Brothers", or trace the roots of the Household of Faith in both the Old and New Testaments in "Household." Whatever your interest, there is something here for you.

The Mystical Body

Purple ButterflyYou can read about the many emanations of the Body of Christ in "The Mystical Body." Enjoy a modern itinerant evangelist's story in "Glory" or re-examine your introduction to the Christian faith in "Journey into Life." My greatest desire is that you should discover the wonder of knowing Jesus Christ as your savior. Jesus is still the greatest discovery that any of us can make. May these treasures become yours. God bless you!✞

Army Ministry

Church Worship"Just a note to thank you for your copy of your book, Ron. You have been called by God to do this work of evangelism in Canada. You have made a positive impact by this book and your career. While the book was written a few years ago, the principles are relevant today in the world of evangelism. Thanks again." Wayne.✞

The Household of Faith

Ministry to Busy People"I like the concept and the way you have developed the model of The Household of Faith. The church can't meet many of the needs of their parishioners because they are "Sunday Ministry" only. The church is not part of their "regular" life. The Household of Faith does move it back into that realm and that's where it has power and significance." Cassie Williams, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.✞


Captain Ray Lewis"Hi Ron, I was trawling the internet on Church Army ministry and came across your blogs. What a great read that is of our old friend Ray Lewis, now enjoying the glory of which he spoke so much and with the Lord and Savior that he loved so dearly. I enjoyed reading of his ministry, too bad that he didn't tell more of his exploits. You have a blessed ministry of encouragement in the area of evangelism over the internet. May the Lord continue to richly bless it." The Rev. Captain Ken and Sister Ina Weaver, Keswick, Ontario Canada✞

"A marvelous web site with practical tools for evangelism and church growth." The Parish of Central King✞

"Christian Faith Issues"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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