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Christian Evangelism Comments

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Comments Page Responses

Resources and ToolsHere are several contributions to our comments page for your encouragement and interest. I hope the ideas suggested on these pages and readers' responses will bless you! Enjoy your reading! Check up on Charles Darwin's Spirituality.

Charles Darwin's Spirituality

The BeagleSt John Peterborough's Kathy Guenkel writes, "Madeline gave me one of your cards yesterday at church. I had a quick look at the blog on Charles Darwin Spiritual Life this morning. It looks like a wonderful program. I enjoyed the blog entry about his life and work. I studied biology at university and had a professor who told us about Darwin's spiritual life. It is not generally known and was always an encouragement to me as a student." You can read another related article on Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

Glimpse of Glory

Steve Spillman of True Potential Media writes, "I reviewed the Revelation studies (Glimpse of Glory). You have a unique and interesting way of highlighting relevant facts and history related to the text. Bravo!"

Detailed Commentary

Pastor Lionel Pye of Campbellford Baptist Church in Ontario, Canada, writes, "I'm impressed with 'Glimpse of Glory' and with everything that you have written. A great work." "Ron has a heart for evangelism, and therefore, throughout, the reader will discover the author's desire that the church of Jesus Christ acts as the church and thus constantly reach out to people with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This book is a constant reminder that the gospel must continue to be at the forefront of the thought and action of every believer. He has dedicated many years of research and study to provide this detailed commentary on one of the most under-read books of the Bible, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ." Reading a "Glimpse of Glory" will encourage greater interest in this all-important biblical book."

Important Program

EagleSt Monica's Sunday School, Toronto's David, and Loraine Gilbert wrote, "Because of Ron's hard work and concern, we now have a Church School Program working in our parish after the absence of such for two and a half years. It is important for the church and the children who are now attending our church school regularly. The number is growing, and the children are thrilled."

God With Us

SunsetWayne Head writes from Norwood, "Reverend Captain Ron, I was the fellow sitting next to you in the H1N1 influenza clinic in Norwood. God was with us that day! Thank You, Lord! I am enjoying your website. May God continue to bless you and your work (and your lovely helper Madeline whom he sent you)."

Solid Lesson Planning

Church Army LogoGrace Mills from St Giles' Church, Scarborough, writes, "We appreciate and are encouraged by your comments and the church school program materials. Thank you." "I know it gave some criteria for solid lesson planning in our church school and some help in choosing materials. I think it will prove to be very beneficial to all. Thank you so much again, Ron."

Church School Organization

Church School ProgramJan Main, St Aidan's Church, Toronto East Deanery, writes, "Many thanks for your creative yet practical workshop on church school organization on the 25th. The structure you provided overcame my former fears that the Church School was almost an insurmountable obstacle. From the feedback I received from the other participants, I know they shared my feelings. The material you have left with us will be invaluable this year to plan and evaluate our weekly program. No doubt you will hear of our progress."

"Christian Evangelism Comments"
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