Mystical Body Index
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Mystical Body Index

Chapter One
What is the Mystical Body
Pages 1-8

LeadersThe Mystical Body Index Chapter One explains how the Body of Christ functions at several levels or what may also be called "emanations." Emanations are defined as "a being or force that is a manifestation of God."

Mystical Body Foreword
Page 1
Hidden Body Christ
Page 2
God's Invisible Presence
Page 3
Mystical Body Senses
Page 4
Television's Atheist Standards
Page 5
Television Internet Power
Page 6
Christ Holy Church
Page 7
Christ World Rainbow
Page 8

Chapter Two
The Personal Jesus
Pages 9-12

AppsThe Chapter Two highlights the personal Jesus and includes Jesus Victorious Name and Unique Personal Names. Chapter two examines ideas about Jesus' personal appearance which affects his relationship with Christians today. It also looks at Jesus' human birth as to the exact time that Jesus' ministry began, whether at his baptism, at his birth, his conception or even for some Biblical writers at the beginnings of Creation. All of us need to examine our Christian Faith from time to time to improve our relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. By regular reading of the Bible, personal prayer, worship in a believing community church and witnessing to our faith we gain maturity and also the ability to be of greater effectiveness in our ministries.

Jesus Victorious Name
Page 9
Jesus Human Birth
Page 10
Unique Personal Names
Page 11
God's Holy Names
Page 12

Chapter Three
Jesus Body in Me
Pages 13-17

Winter BreakThe Mystical Body Index Chapter Three discusses 'Christian Personal Names' and the 'Spiritual Body of Jesus Christ' at the human and personal levels as well as an intriguing study on 'Jesus Shining Face.' It examines the Mystical Body of Christ in Christians today.

Christian Personal Names
Page 13
Christian Life Definition
Page 14
Spiritual Body Christ
Page 15
Serving Jesus Christ
Page 16
Jesus Shining Face
Page 17

Chapter Four
Sacramental Body of Christ
Pages 18-21

SacramentsChapter four looks at the sacramental body of Jesus Christ and other related themes such as 'Inward Invisible Grace' and the 'Agape Love Meal.' It seeks to explain the meaning of the sacramental body of Jesus Christ. These outward invisible signs of inward invisible grace are taken for granted by many Christians but are important in our understanding of the Faith. Chapter four illuminates how the sacraments conceal and also reveal the Body of Jesus Christ.

Baptism Jesus Christ
Page 18
Living Bread
Page 19
Holy Communion Elements
Page 20
Jesus Cross Treasure
Page 21

Chapter Five
The Household Body of Christ
Pages 22-29

HouseholdThe Mystical Body Index Chapter Five of this ebook includes articles on 'Christian Bishop's Wife,' and 'Gentle Christian Mentoring.' Body Index Five emphasizes the part that each Christian plays in the Body of Christ. This section explains some personal aspects of the Christian Faith at the human and personal level.

Christ's Household Church
Page 22
Christian Bishop's Wife
Page 23
Mystical Body Parts
Page 24
Mystical Body Gifts
Page 25
Shared Ministry Examples
Page 26
Gentle Christian Mentoring
Page 27
Spirit Blood Circulation
Page 28
Christian Body Exercise
Page 29

Chapter Six
Jesus Spiritual Temple
Pages 30-31

CorporateThe Mystical Body Index chapter six describes the Biblical and corporate bodies of Christ including 'Jesus Spiritual Temple' and 'The Institutional Church Body.' The Corporate Body of Christ acts like a heavy jacket to protect and enable the real Body of Christ to do her work.

Institutional Church Body
Page 30
Religious Supermarkets
Page 31

Chapter Seven
The Christian Cultural Body
Pages 32-34

Twitter IconThe Mystical Body Index chapter seven describes the Worldwide body of Christ including the 'Christian Cultural Body' and 'Sweet Jesus Love.' This chapter shows how the Body of Christ is spread across the World and as such defines the global nature of the Church. This involves the 'World Christian Body,' 'Christ's Worldwide Body", and "Early Church Denominations."

Rose Blood Tears
Page 32
Christ Worldwide Body
Page 33
Many-Sided Love
Page 34

Chapter Eight
String Theory Heaven
Pages 35-37

Heavenly SunsetChapter eight describes the heavenly mystical body including 'Christ's Heavenly Body', 'String Theory Heaven' and 'John Wesley's Heaven.' It explains in simple terms the Biblical background of the heavenly body of Christ and what it will be like to be there.

String Theory Heaven
Page 35
Recognize Heavenly Bodies
Page 36
Ever Present Jesus
Page 37

"Mystical Body Index"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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