Television's Atheist Standards
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5. Television's Atheist Standards

Seven Cultural Standards

Human TorsoBolstered by Television dream-makers, our culture today is continually attempting to replace the Ten Commandments with the secular cultural norm of the "Seven Self Standards." Christians must continue to resist this wasting disease of our heritage. Let's look at what our culture believes is of the highest importance.

"Look after number one."
"The name of the game is Party!"
"Grab all you can, when you can."
"Fleece the suckers, there's one born every minute."
"Don't get angry, get even!"
"Say what you need to get what you want!"
"Religion is for nerds."

Dream Makers

TelevisionThe Media champions the Seven Selfish Standards in our culture. Television, radio, and cinema can be excellent teaching mediums, but TV is directly opposed to Christianity, promoting its atheistic principles. television slithers quietly around the back and destroys it's adherent's moral standards and beliefs rather than challenging the church to debate the issues. Incredibly, some things TV presents as promising the highest satisfaction inflicts most pain! For example, sleekly packaged beers and wines are presented as the route to a good time and sexy friends but cause immense damage to marital, work, and family relations. Television's sexual standards and the negative influence of the internet and low morals degrade our culture with the spread of transmitted sexual diseases. At least one in ten adults suffers from alcoholism, yet drunken driving still slays thousands each year. A new norm has now entered with the legalizing of marijuana, or cannabis, in Canada, and some American states. British experts are warning that 20% of new users of marijuana will turn to hard drugs. We have yet to see the prospect of high drug users in control of vehicles on our roads, especially with the effects of some drugs lasting for weeks. Toronto Police are now instructing their officers to stay away from work for 22 days after using marijuana.

Low Moral Standards

Meanwhile, television soap operas model unbridled sexual immorality and low moral standards. At the same time, viewers sit on their couches with the painful and even terminal consequences of a frightening array of sexually transmitted diseases. The smutty agenda in society are submerging the good offered by this excellent technological tool.

Negative Influence

TelevisionTelevision's low standards wash over into society from some programs. "Being hungry," it suggests, "is a just cause to steal in certain circumstances." "If you say you love someone," another says, "it is only natural to become sexually active with them." They sanctimoniously tell Christians who protest these twisted principles, "Isn't your God a God of love! Why do you criticize love? Judge not, that God will not judge you! Why do you show such hatred to others? You are just hateful people!" Unfortunately, no standards are becoming the norm in our promiscuous society. Things are getting worse as the crime and suicide rates increase! Television, internet, and smartphone use in our culture has fractured family life, turning families into family semicircles and then into fantasy-driven solitaries. Since the coming of television, we no longer have family circles where parents and children talk, share, and experience life together. Instead, we have had family semicircles gathered around a TV set! Sociologist Reginald Bibby, the Canadian sociologist, writes in "Teen Trends," "If the pulpit was the place of proclamation about what was right and wrong in the past, the television screen is now the norm-creator in the modern world." This trend has since degenerated further with the advent of social media into a series of fantasy-driven solitaries draped over cell phones! Societal moral standards now come from television, cell phones, and the internet!✞

Fantasy-Driven Solitaries

Television cartoonPopular television programs and social networking decide our young people's morals more than any church or preacher. These standards are being undermined further by an uncensored internet and Web. Just about anyone could go online and read how to put together a bomb, purchase, or even make a firearm on a 3D printer or view pornographic acts and pictures. We were seeing the families dissolve into a network of fantasy-driven solitaries glued to computer screens of one size or another. Meanwhile, parents complain of losing control. While they support individual rights and freedoms, modern television ridicules the relevance of institutional standards, including the government, the police, the church, the clergy, and particularly the Bible. The Press often portray ministers as either bumbling idiots or crazed Bible-thumping fundamentalists. Clergy may well have as much or even more training than doctors or engineers. However, they are still viewed as gullible fools even though many of the developments and inventions over recent centuries in our society come as a result of Christian's concern for justice, the wellbeing of individuals, and the search for scientific truth.✞

"Television's Atheist Standards"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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