Holy Spirit Relationship
Brothers :
The Holy Spirit
and Jesus
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Bible Study 1

Bond Effects Christians

Jesus LaughingThis Bible study began life as a project prepared at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow, Scotland, now called the International Christian College, on the theme, "The Relationship of the Holy Spirit to Jesus." As a preparation, I traced every reference to these two partners in both the Old and New Testaments. They were then grouped around specific characteristics to give this Bible study form.✞

Special Relationship

BrothersSome thirty years after this task was completed, the impact of this special relationship between these two deity brothers, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, still remains. The gems which I discovered then are displayed here. They were then expanded to share with a wider audience, my hope and prayer being that you and others might be blessed by this online Bible Study and by the relationship of these two special people in the Godhead. I hope that you will benefit by these thoughts and seek to meditate on the questions posed. May your own Christian life be deepened as a result. I would add one special note "To all my teachers. With apologies for being so stubborn."

"Holy Spirit Relationship"
by Ron Meacock

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