Household Evangelism Project
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Household Evangelism Project
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Home-Based Parish Evangelism

Bee feeding from a FlowerThe Household Evangelism Project is a new approach to church growth based on the Early Church model of the extended Christian household. Households are intended to be satellites of the local church that trains and nourishes Christians. Ideally households are mandated to divide and double their membership every two years. It is according to Archbishop Terence Finlay meant to be a model of "relational evangelism." The Household of Faith is an ideal vehicle for home-based parish evangelism.✞

To Counter Church Decline

HammerThe development group in the Diocese of Toronto prepared an internet manual that may be used as a guide for parishes who choose to participate in this evangelism project. The history of the project and its philosophical underpinnings are outlined by the preparation group. Some of the original impetus came simply from the felt need to better equip parishes for evangelism. Consideration of the possible consequences of the serious decline in traditional church attendance all over the Western Mainline Churches lent a sense of urgency in developing contingency plans for the provision of "church without buildings."

"Household Evangelism Project"
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