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Christian Gospel House
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Paul's Hired House

Paul's Hired HouseChristian homes were used in various ways. The Acts of the Apostles showed us many a Christian gospel house being used for prayer meetings, for an evening of Christian fellowship, for Holy Communion services, for a whole night of prayer, worship and instruction, for impromptu evangelistic gatherings and for planned meetings in order to hear the Christian gospel, for following up enquirers, and for organized instruction.

Center of Evangelism

Group at PrayerWe found Saint Paul making a most interesting use of his hired house in Rome. Dr. Michael Green (1930-present) explained in "Evangelism in the Early Church", "He [Paul] was no longer able to go out to preach the gospel, so he invited leading Jews to come to his residence for a full day of talking and discussion. His approach was superb. He took the initiative, and explained the reason for his presence in Rome, before they could produce any garbled accounts that may have reached them from Judea. He was brief, factual, conciliatory and to the point."

"Christian Gospel House"
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