Holy Spirit Blood
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Holy Spirit Blood
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bluebellThe Holy Spirit blood regenerated every cell of the household of Christ and always poured praise upon Jesus. The Holy Spirit lovingly blossomed lives by his presence, and rejuvenated members of the household of faith. The Holy Spirit within also whispered that another person belonged to the household of faith. Paul wrote in Romans 8.16, "The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children." In a strange way, we warm immediately on meeting some Christians but other people leave us cold. This is a mark of the Holy Spirit working within us.

What is the household of faith doing now? Is she slumbering, jogging or being caressed? Is she straining to listen or singing a song?✞

"Worship is the body in song!
Teaching is the body listening!
Sharing our faith is the body stretching!"

The household of faith can suffer from lack of exercise on the one hand, and over eating on the other. She may be fed constantly on God's Word but not put it into practice. An unknown poet described the dangers of inactivity,✞

"He who learns and learns, but acts not what he knows,
Is like one who ploughs and ploughs, but never, never sows."

1. How spiritually fit is your household of faith?
2. How can the wealth of some members of your household of faith "help the body care for itself and fuel its muscular activity in a hurting world?"
3. Are you a mentor to another Christian? How did that happen?
4. What "blood clots" in the body of Christ can you think of that prevent the work of the Holy Spirit?

"Holy Spirit Blood"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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