Model Faith Households
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Model Faith Households
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Christian Friends

Christian FriendsIf the extended Christian household was the primary model of church in the early centuries, how should she operate as the household of faith today? What is God's plan for her in this generation? The household of faith may be God's choice for us at the beginning of the Third Millennium. Households are the small units of Christian friends who work and worship together. Faith households, when rediscovered, will restore what we now call "the church" to a clear and focused plan for the future. One of the basic keys to successful household ministry is that Christians love one another. They like being together and find fulfillment in one another's company. Their relationship defines their membership. If you are loved and accepted by the other members, you are part of God's household. In caring and upholding one another, members of households often grow closer than blood brothers and sisters.✞

Worship Together

bald manHouseholds are a conglomerate, with unique personalities within them like any other body! Each household is basically a bunch of friends, and therefore each local worshipping community is unique. When I look in the mirror, I see a middle aged balding male. While my appearance is important to me, it is only one part of who I am. Scratch the surface and the multifaceted individual with all his likes, dislikes, and idiosyncrasies appears. The household of faith, like the human body, may have the characteristics of a jolly, middle-aged gentleman or even a starchy spinster with her head in a book. Household distinctiveness lies in the mix of individuals who are the real body of Christ there.✞

"Model Faith Households"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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