Jesus Flourishing Household
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Jesus Flourishing Household
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Endured Much Persecution

One Anvil and Many HammersThe Waldesians founded by Peter Waldo was a Christian Protestant movement which started in Lyon, France in the late 1170's. They endured much persecution over many centuries and had many martyrs. Their motto was "Light glows in the darkness" and their symbol "Lux lucet in tenebris." Their motif showed a candle burning in the darkness. They presented Jesus' household of Faith as an anvil with many broken and worn out hammers lying around it. The title to this picture read, "One anvil - many hammers." Jesus flourishing household like the anvil continues and expands down the ages despite persecution including in the early days from the Roman Catholic Church. How important was the establishment of the Early Church in Jesus' eyes?
"How important is the household faith to your own family?"

"Jesus Flourishing Household"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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