Extended Christian Household
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Extended Christian Household
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Early Church

Capernaum HouseThe extended Christian household was essential to the survival and future of what we call "the Church" today. It was the bastion of the faith in the Early Church. Saint Paul wrote in 1 Timothy 3.15, "God's household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth." God's household was indeed the upholder and base of all Christian truth as the extended Christian household was in the Early Church.

Household Churches

Human GrowthWhen Saint Paul was writing, the only "church" was that which met in Christian homes. This was centuries before the establishment of the type of church we know today. The modern household of faith like the Early Church's extended Christian household was intended to be a biological entity and grow in the same way that a human being grew. The Household of Faith was the direct descendent of the extended Christian household. The extended Christian household was the vessel which contained the Body of Christ in the Early Church. The household of Faith in conjunction with the corner church today has the power to again energize Christians in the faith.

"Extended Christian Household"
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