Christian Engineer Evangelist
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Christian Engineer Evangelist
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Church Army Principles

Engineer SealHave you ever been embarrassed by one of those official forms when you find that you cannot fit all the information into the space provided? I have this problem whenever I'm asked about my education since school. There is just too much to fit in the space provided. I remember being interviewed by a selection panel at Church Army and being asked by the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Coggan, why I wanted to join the Church Army. I had too many paper qualifications to his mind, but still, God wanted me to "do the work of an evangelist." He gladly approved! God has blessed me over the years with the opportunity to develop four quite different professions. My first as a professional civil and structural design engineer, my second as a Church Army Evangelist in the Anglican Church, my third as an ordained Anglican clergyman in the Diocese of Toronto in Canada, and my fourth as the webmaster of the website. The struggle to learn how to code has extended my mind in a digital generation.


UK Church Army EmblemEach of these occupations has taught me different lessons about human nature. Being a secular Christian engineer has taught me precision and order, compassion and Christian ethics. My work as a Christian evangelist has helped me understand people, their various philosophies and attitudes to life. These callings have urged me to reach out and offer folks the best in life which is to follow the Christian path. This has given me some unique opportunities, like Paul and his tent making, to apply principles from one career into another.

"Christian Engineer Evangelist"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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