Evangelism Handbook Foreword
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Evangelism Handbook Foreword
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Itinerant Evangelists

Ray TaylorCaptain Ray Taylor former Director of the Church Army in Canada wrote in 1982, "'The Evangelism Handbook' introduces the condensed experience of one who has a call from God to 'seek and save the lost.'" This paperback book will appeal to, perhaps even set on fire, those with the same conviction. Filled with personal anecdotes, object lessons for the church and humor, "The Evangelism Handbook" is designed to be a practical help to the local church and to encourage the church to grow both numerically and spiritually. It takes the great commission from Christ to seek and save the lost very seriously and is meant to challenge every believer to reconsider the role of evangelism within their lives and within the Church.

Occupied With Definitions

Jesus"Do the work of an Evangelist" was the theme of the first conference of 4,000 itinerant evangelists from across the world, held at Amsterdam, Holland in June of 1983. Too often, the subject matter was the theology of evangelism and the discussions were occupied with definitions of the words, "What is Evangelism?" Not since Canon Bryan Green's (1901-1993) excellent book, "The Practice of Evangelism," and Dr. James Kennedy's (1930-2007) "Evangelism Explosion" has such a useful book been written as Ron Meacock's "The Evangelism Handbook." It is full of illustrations and ideas for reaching outsiders for Christ and the Church. Our Lord's commission still stands, "Go into the highways and byways and compel them to come in." This Handbook is the result of twenty years of fruitful ministry on both sides of the Atlantic. It is a valuable tool in the hands of concerned Christians who long to see people of every age group and in every stratum of society coming to know the Savior.

Captain Ray Taylor, former National Director (1952-1989) of the Church Army in Canada.✞

"Evangelism Handbook Foreword"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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