Television Visual Message
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Television Visual Message
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Child Shall Lead

Child Toy dressing TableTelevision visual message lies in the broadcasting of images through which information is conveyed. A few years ago, one of the leading advertising agencies published a booklet entitled, "And a little child shall lead them to your product." This was basically an analysis of the television visual message coupled with the learning habits of children. It revealed that seventy percent of kids asked their parents to buy products advertised on television and that eighty-nine percent of the parents did so. Such was and is the power of the TV message today.

Need a Vehicle

Boy whispering in anothers earThose within the church like pastors, Sunday school teachers, home meeting leaders and youth leaders who want to communicate a message need to have a proper vehicle, a medium, with which to do it. A medium does not automatically mean visual aids, for without them a speaker simply relies instead on his voice, his words, appearance, character and the form of his presentation to convey his message. He may have an excellent message, even a life-changing one, yet it will not be understood by hearers unless it is properly communicated. Here, our equipment and technique come to our aid, for they are the vehicles for one's message. By learning from the television approach, we can become so much more effective.


Speaker at PodiumA few Christian speakers snub their noses at visual aids on the grounds that they are "gimmickry for the inadequate." While it is true that equipment can become a prop for the unprepared, it also follows that it can improve a good message and make it better. If I have to present a thirty-minute message on a subject, I realize that I will need to spend four hours or more on preparation alone. If I require visual aids, then this time requirement will be doubled. I am comforted to know that what Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) the English writer and poet said is true, "what is written without effort is generally read without pleasure." This principle applies equally to speaking and visual aids which are part of our overall message.

"Television Visual Message"
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