Adult Personality Reaction
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Adult Personality Reaction
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Personality Traffic Light

Traffic LightPersonality traffic light is one way of understanding how human beings react to each other. The traffic light contains three elements. They describe us and our reaction as a parent, an adult or a child. They show our reaction to other people and to the circumstances around us. Let us consider this built-in human reaction which is not always evident to us. The adult personality reaction is necessary for survival as it processes data and computes the information essential for dealing effectively with the outside world. For example, when you try to cross a busy highway, your adult reaction comes to bear upon that situation. Your mind automatically estimates the speed and distance of the cars approaching you from several directions. You hesitate until you are sure that you can make it safely to the other side. This is the work of your adult personality reaction!✞

Wonder of the Mind

In conversation, this adult personality reaction also comes to the surface. If you are asked a question or someone makes a statement to you, your mind prompts you with the facts from other experiences you may have had. You, therefore, accept, deny or do not react to the new statement on the logical correctness or otherwise in your eyes of the original statement.

"Adult Personality Reaction"
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