Prophet Ezekiel Story
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With Dramatic Actions 54

Jerusalem Beseiged

John the BaptistThe Prophet Ezekiel's story was carried home with dramatic actions. The Lord wanted Ezekiel to tell the people that Jerusalem was going to be besieged. To illustrate his story, Ezekiel took a brick, scratched lines on it to represent the city and then lay down next to it, first lying on one side and then the other to represent a besieging army. He watched it intently, shaking his fist and prophesying against it in Ezekiel 4.1-5.17. He shaved off his beard, burned part of it and foretold what would happen.✞

Message More Real

The Prophet EzekielIn this story, drama makes the message more real. On one occasion, I was involved in a prison mission in Lancashire, England. The most vivid event for me was the one evening service in the Chapel of Christ the Carpenter. The church was full, which was not surprising in a prison, and in came one of the team members, Captain Dennis Oxley, shattering the silence with "REPENT, REPENT" at the top of his very loud voice! Not only that but he also sprinkled everyone within hurling distance with a wet mop! The looks of astonishment turned into curiosity as the rest of the story of John the Baptist unfolded. Like Ezekiel, Dennis' action added to the impact of the message. Another popular medium for the message and one used extensively by Jesus was the parable.

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