Prophet Jeremiah's Message
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Prophet Jeremiah's Message
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With Great Clarity

An Ox Yoke on two oxenReading through the Old Testament, one is sometimes surprised by the actions and antics of the Old Testament prophets. This is certainly the case with the Prophet Jeremiah, the so-called "weeping prophet", who was called in BC 626. He sought to deliver his message with great clarity and that was the prime reason for his unusual presentation.

Some New Ways

Ox Yoke holding two oxenAs we look at some parts of Jeremiah's story we may discover some new ways for ourselves of attracting an audience and driving home the Gospel message.✞


BibleJeremiah, acted out his message on one occasion, bearing on his shoulders a wooden ox yoke. The Biblical account in Jeremiah 27.1-7 explained that the will of the Lord was that King Zedekiah of Judah should submit to and serve the great king Nebuchadnezzar 11 of the Neo-Babylonia Empire. Just like a young ox, Judah would bow down to a more experienced and stronger ox in the same yoke led by the Neo-Babylonia Empire. The thought of being under the control of any other nation was a great offence to many in Judah but this was the Lord's will.✞

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