Recognizable Heavenly Bodies
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Recognizable Heavenly Bodies
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Free from Pain

cellIn Heaven, all Christians are given new and recognizable heavenly bodies. These bodies will not be the same as our earthly bodies but are never the less recognizable to our Christian friends and families just the same. There are differences of opinion but many scholars believe we will appear as we were at aged 33, at Jesus' age arose at the Ascension. I don't know! Its as good a guess as any, I suppose! Our new bodies will not be burdensome like the old ones but free from pain and tears, illness and stress. We were told in Philippians 3.21 that Jesus Christ, "will transform our lowly bodies so that they may be like his glorious body." Jesus gives his children heavenly bodies because they are part of heaven just as those invited to the King's banquet are given and expected to wear a brand new banquet robe because they are part of his banquet.✞

Identifying One Another

ComputerAll Christians are given heavenly bodies after they die and are personally recognized and cherished by Christ in Heaven. In a society where individuals are known through their number such as a SIN number in Canada, its refreshing to know that we mean more to God. He knows us not as numbers but individually and personally.

Personally Recognized

To a computer, I am just another number.
To Jesus, I am an object of his
fathomless love.
I'm just a small number, computers can trace.
But Jesus knows my heartaches,
my name, my face."
(author unknown.)✞

"Recognizable Heavenly Bodies"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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