Christian Life in Christ
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Christian Life in Christ
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CrossroadsAre you a Christian? I was brought up in a Christian home. That does not make you a Christian

My mother always went to church. That does not make you a Christian.

I believe in doing good, helping others. Quite right, too, but so do most people.

I was baptized and confirmed. So are thousands who care little about Christ. That does not make you a Christian.

I believe in God. So does the devil. That does not make you a Christian.
Many people say and think they are Christians yet rarely bother about Christ. Well, what is a Christian, then?✞

Human Beings

Adam and EveIn the beginning when God made human beings, he made them perfect and good and sinless. He wanted them to be his friends and look after the Earth. God did not make them a robot or a machine. He gave them a precious gift - free will, to choose between right and wrong, good and bad. God did not want to force us to love him. God wanted us to love him freely. But we chose to disobey God, we chose wrong. We preferred to please ourselves rather than God. We sinned. And so sin entered into the world. It is a disease we all have as Saint Paul writes in Romans 3.23, "for all have sinned."

"Christian Life in Christ"
by N. L. Warren permission
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