Small Sized Churches
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Small Sized Churches
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Institution from Oblivion

holly flowerMost of us viewed the average church like a bus. All the passengers sat in rows facing forward and a driver steered at the front. Someone even came and took your money! This current church model was collapsing in the face of a new culture. Though church growth specialists could have helped us to run what we have better, perhaps we should have reverted instead to the initial household model for small sized churches. It would have keep Christianity from oblivion, if not our institution. We would have realized new growth and vitality in our faith communities.

Small Family Churches

Country ChurchChurches could be categorized according to their size. "Small" congregations were up to fifty worshippers each Sunday, "extended household churches" also called "family churches" generally comprised one large or several small households plus other associated members together. The primary household leaders of "small sized churches" were matriarchs and patriarchs. The clergy person was basically a chaplain in this situation. Many a cleric has been defeated in trying to wrestle control of this kind of church from its natural leaders! The matriarchs and patriarchs often directed policy discreetly themselves in small size churches.✞

"Small Sized Churches"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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