Institutional Church Body
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Institutional Church Body
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Cathedral InteriorChrist's corporate body is the church disrobed! The institutional church is not a part of the Body of Christ but more like a heavy coat wrapped around that Body. Like a garment, the institutional church has both good and bad qualities. It protects the body and keeps it warm in Winter but it also restricts the body in its movements because of its weight.

Authorized Religion

Household of Faith SignThe current model of the institutional church was developed several centuries after Christ when Christianity was legalized by the decree of the Emperor Constantine the Great (272-337 AD) in February 313 AD. No doubt Constantine was under the good influence of his Christian mother Saint Helena (c246-c327 AD.) Christianity had become an authorized religion in the Roman Empire. As an institution in society, a congregation was developed in each neighborhood modeled on the Jewish synagogue system. In the Synagogue, ten households gathered as a local worshipping group meeting first in a member's house and then in their own purpose-built worship places. Their purpose was to serve their local community. This was basically how the institutional church began and continues to this very day.

"Institutional Church Body"
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