God's Holy Names
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God's Holy Names
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Amen Jesus

The Name of JesusGod's holy names were never spoken by strict Jews because they were considered too sacred. In place of one of God's names they wrote down only the consonants "J H V H" which are equivalent to "Y H W H" but with time forgot what were the vowels that used to be between the consonants. This particular holy name (and there are many different ones in the Bible) was initially believed to be Jehovah although the more accurate modern rendition is thought by scholars to be "Yahweh."

Warning Against Misuse

Letters in the Name of GodWhen God gave the people one of his names, they were blessed. This blessing also brought a warning against dishonoring it. Exodus 20.7 reads, "You shall not misuse the LORD your God's name, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name."

Called by Jesus Name

Amen Jesus nameJesus, as the Good Shepherd, calls his sheep individually and personally by name. John 10.3 states, "He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out." Christians in the Mystical Body receive a special blessing in that they have received Christ's name.✞

What's in a Name?

Name Tag for Slim ShadyThe Associated Press carried a story from England about a couple who gave their daughter 139 names beginning, "Tracy, Mariclaire, Lisa, Tammy, Samantha, Christine, Alexandra" and so on. A local paper had the heading, "What's in a name? Don't ask this girl!" Her father said, "We just wanted to give her something for when she grows up." Her parents were not thinking about the meaning of her names.

"God's Holy Names"
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