Jesus Human Birth
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Jesus Human Birth
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Holy Spirit

Conception at Two WeeksAt and before Jesus' human birth, his divine nature lay within him. Mary's labor was probably similar to normal labor and in most respects, Jesus' human birth was presumably like any other human birth. While our understanding can only be elemental at best, the Holy Spirit apparently came and miraculously formed the divine part of the fetus of Jesus' body.

Mary + Holy Spirit = Jesus
(Human) + (Divine) = (Human/Divine)
Dies + Eternal = Resurrection


bluebellsThe angel told Mary about Jesus human birth and that the Holy Spirit would come upon her. Joseph vehemently denied any sexual contact, so it was reasonable to assume that the Holy Spirit planted the "God-sperm" within Mary's womb. There was probably all the trauma of labor, an umbilical cord to cut, and an afterbirth. Jesus' Christological conception does not necessarily make a nonsense of the scientific processes involved. God generally follows natural laws, but the incarnation points up the truth that he sometimes twists these patterns to achieve his will. In human healings, miracles and at the resurrection it is God who intervenes and twists the natural laws for his glory. Apart from that crucial formative moment, Jesus human birth was probably in most other respects normal.

"Jesus Human Birth"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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