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Glory Index

Chapter One
"New York Prohibition"

Captain Ray LewisThis first chapter of the Glory index describes Captain Ray Lewis's ministry in New York City during the Prohibition Era. Enjoy the "glory" that Captain Ray discovered and shared in his life's work.

1. Broadway Prohibition Days 2. Broadway Sweater Girl 3. Lord's Financial Freedom

Chapter Two
"Virginia Days"

Section two of the Glory Index tells of Captain Lewis's missions in Virginia in the United States of America. Captain Ray's ministry over fifty years covered many States and several other countries around the world. Enjoy Ray's story of his work and the exciting times in the Hill Billy communities of West Virginia.

4. Bootlegger Valley Baptism 5. Holy Roller Country

Chapter Three and Four
"Pittsburg Send-Off and Kansas Ministry"

Captain Ray LewisThe stories of Captain Ray Lewis from Chapter three of the Glory Index and the Church Army's work with the Protestant Swedenborgian Church. Here Captain Ray is involved in a Church Army "send-off" and a colorful ministry in Kansas, Holy Ghost action, and Kansas church rags.

6. Processional Cross Evangelism 7. Eleanor's Sewing Ministry 8. Basement Apartment Heaven
9. Burger Dinner Joke

Chapter Five
"California Prison Trophy"

Church Army VanCaptain Ray Lewis's work for Church Army in Lompoc, California, and Lemon Grove. He also serves in prison work in California, then in parishes in Los Angeles. In Las Vegas, he enjoys a jackpot night and ministry at St Columba's Camarillo and St Mary's Lompoc. Colton is a fascinating place with Colton Church Procession. He also reviews the subject of the Holy Spirit. ✞

10. Brawley Prayer Blessing
11. Columba's Church Camarillo 12. Episcopal Church Lompoc 13. Colton Church Procession
14. Poway Powerhouse Meetings 15. Rubber Sole Prank 16. Holy Love Jackpot

Chapter Six
"Sioux Brothers"

Church Army VanRay Lewis works on the Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. He is honored with the name "Chief Running Horse" and talks with a woman who, as a child, spoke with Queen Victoria. It is also the story of Queen Victoria and the child and the work on Lower Bulle Fort Thompson reservation. ✞

17. Chief Running Horse 18. Full Blooded Sioux

Chapter Seven
"South African Tension"

Prebendary Wilson Carlile Despite racial tension, Captain Ray Lewis ministers in South Africa. He later meets Prebendary Wilson Carlile in London, England. Eventually, he returns to Britain to meet the Church Army founder, Prebendary Wilson Carlile (1847-1942 AD), and to engage in mission work with English and Irish colleagues in Britain.

19. African Racial Tension 20. Damaraland Doors Open

Chapter Eight
"English Colleagues"

Reading a little pamphlet was instrumental in Wilson's conversion. Later he wrote, "I have seen the crucified and risen Lord as truly as if he had made himself visible to my bodily sight. That is, for me, the conclusive evidence of His existence. He touched my heart, and old desires and hopes left it. In their place came the new thought that I might serve him and his poor and suffering brethren."

21. Meeting Wilson Carlile 22. Chester Jail Cell 23. Christ's Working Glory

"Glory Index"
by Ron Meacock © 2021

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