Twelve Canadian Tribes The Demographic Shift
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Twelve Canadian Tribes
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Baby Boomers

CongregationThe Canadian pollster, Michael Adams, in his ground-breaking book, "Sex in the Snow - Canadian Social Values at the End of the Millennium", identified twelve Tribes in the Canadian population together with their characteristics. There were three broad categories.

Different Characteristics

TelevisionThey were the Elders, The Baby Boomers and Generation X. Added to this were the more recent groups of Generation Y and the Millenniums. These groups were largely defined by the different characteristics of the people in each group and were broadly the same in other Western countries like the United States and Britain except that they occur at different times because of the variation of the dates for the Baby Boom Generation. The Baby Boomers were extremely influential because of their very large numbers of about 10 million people in the Canadian population.

Sales Target

Lady looking in MirrorBecause of the size of Baby Boomers, television commercials and advertisements were aimed at them and the size of the educational system was determined by them. Once the Baby Boomers completed school, many schools closed down or amalgamated because of the lack of new students and large schools were no longer needed. These three groupings were broken out in Canada into twelve Tribal Groups. As I reflected on the characteristics of each tribe, I could not help but think about various friends and acquaintances who fitted the model of each Tribe. I believe the author has correctly identified these Twelve Tribes in the Canadian population.

Not Individualistic

Baby BoomersThere were three tribes of Elders, four tribes of Baby Boomers and five tribes of Generation X-ers. These tribal groups proved that we are not as individualistic as we would like to think we were. Of the three "Elder" tribes presently over seventy-five years of age, two are described as "religious" and "supportive of the institution of the church." These are the aging leaders, power holders and financial supporters of most of the Churches in the United States, Britain, and Canada. Church leaders and supporters are currently aging and passing away.

Religious and Supportive

Baby Boomers ScriptThe third tribe, called the "Cosmopolitan Modernists" do not have the same characteristic of "religiosity." Not a single one of the nine other tribes have religious characteristics at all nor do they support religious institutions. This is a massive challenge for the institutional church today and threatens its future existence.

"Twelve Canadian Tribes"
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