Church Boomers The Demographic Shift
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Church Boomers
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Seventy Years Old

So why the concern about the church of 2019 AD? In a word, our Anglican Diocese of Toronto will shrink by then to a fraction of its original size, possibly to one third. The gray-haired Elders in our congregations are aging and dying but church baby boomers are not expected to replace them. By 2019 AD instead of the present 273 parishes in Toronto Diocese, we will likely have around 96. Rather than our 259 Parish Clergy, I project we will only need 133. This is not an exaggeration. It is a fair estimate, based upon our present churches' effectiveness, established trends in society and the current demographics.

Elders Gone

Let us compare yesterday's church with that of 2019 AD Our present "Elders" group with their leadership skills, financial assets and influence will be largely gone from power. There will be few boomers there interested in replacing them or supporting the institution. There will be little or no funds to keep redundant churches open to amalgamate or combine. Many churches will be closed and sold. This is basically because the baby boomers have characteristics like "spirituality" and a need for "meaning in life" but not of "attending or supporting an institutional church." A city like Peterborough, Ontario of seventy-eight thousand people which presently has six Anglican churches (today in 2019 only 3 remains) may end up in 2019 A.D. with only one or two facilities. Parish income will drop radically, maybe to a third of present levels. This is a challenge and also should be an inspiration to new action. Unfortunately, our church leaders seem only able to manage our shrinking resources and not be able to initiate growth.

"Church Baby Boomers"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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