Revelation Bible Study
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Revelation Bible Study
(Introduction 1)
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A Treasure Trove

elephant in poolRevelation is a treasure trove of riches beyond imagination for those who will explore it. It is a pool in which a baby can paddle or an elephant can swim. There is enough here for everyone, whether you want a little or a lot. This eBook "Revelation Now" seeks to bring this exciting Biblical text to life and to encourage and support Christians and non-Christians alike.✞

Exciting Biblical Text

Christ of the AbyssIn the past, it is fair to say that the Book of Revelation has scared off many Christians. Numerous people have tried and failed to get past the scholarly theories or the problems of authorship without success. These arguments as important as they may be do not effect the message of the book or the historical times in which the book is set. My advice to you is to read this book as you would do the rest of the Bible. Climb into the mind of the original writer and see what he saw, and feel what he felt. As you do, you will be captivated as I was by this exciting Biblical text.

"Revelation Bible Study"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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