Communion Service
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Communion Service
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Jesus Teaching

Bread and WineWhen a clergy person or the Bishop is available, the house may hold a Eucharist or Holy Communion service but not more than one week in four. The Communion service called alternately the Lord's Supper, the Mass or the Eucharist can be celebrated from an approved service of the Anglican B.A.S. or other denominationally approved texts for worship services or commonly used format as in the Baptist Church.

Lord's Supper

Jesus teachingThe Teaching may be based upon the Gospel or Epistle set readings for the day from the Lectionary. A sharing time can take place after the teaching to discuss any questions arising from the reading and its relevance to us today. The following is a short form suitable for a House Faith home communion service.

House Faith

Praying HandsLeader. "Let us pray"
"Brothers and sisters in Christ, God calls us to faithful service by the proclamation of the word, and sustains us with the sacrament of the body and blood of Christ. Hear now God's word, and receive this holy food from the Lord's table."

"Communion Service"
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