Baby Boomers Retirement The Demographic Shift
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The End of the Elders 1

A Church GardenThis document is one of the evangelism resources written initially in 1998 to encourage the church to transform its ministry. It also needs to examine its human resources in the Twenty First Century in order to meet the challenges of demographic change.

The Demographic Shift looks at the effect of aging on the Baby Boomers, their Retirement and the consequences of this on the Christian Institutions Church in North America and particularly on the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.

Ministry in the Future.

Church BuildingThe shape of the church at the beginning of the Third Millennium is of interest to us but the real impact will come in the year 2018 A.D. This year will form ministry in our church for the following fifty or more years but will also profoundly affect its shape between now and then.

It is an important date because it marks a change of lay leadership, a drastic reduction in financial support and a drop in attendance at our churches. This is a demographic shift, when the Elders will be gone from power and the Baby Boomers will have taken over.

Unfortunately, there are only a few Baby Boomers willing to step up and replace the strong Elder support. Unfortunately, the institutional church is simply ignoring this coming deluge and carrying on business as usual!

"Baby Boomers Retirement"
by Ron Meacock © 2017

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