Christian Evangelism Objective
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Christian Evangelism Objective
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Young People's Future

Many years ago in rural England, groups of poor people aimlessly wandered the narrow country lanes. They had no particular destination in view but gathered fragments of wool left over by passing sheep caught on fences and hedges. The fleecy fiber collected in this way was exchanged for food. Their dreamy, aimless way of life has given us the word "woolgathering." Woolgathering is defined as "indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining; absentmindedness." If the Christian Church is not careful, its Christian evangelism objectives can become like this woolgathering, without any goal or plan. If our own Christian Disco or Coffee Bar is not going to become undefined and "woolly," it needs very definite evangelism objectives too. Some people feel, almost instinctively, that it's wrong for Christians to enjoy themselves. Like funeral directors, their expression is expected to be glum. But why shouldn't our lives radiate the warmth, the fulfillment of God's love? Why shouldn't a proper enjoyment of God's creation be encouraged? To entertain means to provide the facilities, music, and atmosphere that young people will enjoy. If we are serious about evangelism, then we will realize that entertainment can also be a vehicle for the Gospel, when carried through professionally.

"Christian Evangelism Objective"
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