Church School Principles
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Church School Principles
Video 8
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Teachers Outlines

This church school principles video outlines why the teacher should be teaching. This video begins the second section of the video course "Kingdom Kids" training course for Sunday School teachers. We are going to look together at various different parts of our Sunday School ministry. We begin by looking together at the Questionnaire at Sunday School Quiz. Let us look together at the various statements there that are reasons for teaching Sunday School. Next to each of the statements write in either "True", "False" or "Maybe." When the group has completed the questionnaire we would ask you to look back at those answers and consider them together. This video is 2 minutes and 54 seconds long. A complete overview of all of the training videos can be viewed on YouTube. Video 9 of this series on effective Sunday school page 156 can be found at Video 9.

"Church School Principles"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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