Sunday School Questionnaire
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Sunday School Questionnaire 143


Pink Question MarkThe Sunday school questionnaire begins with the question, "Why teach Sunday School?" This questionnaire seeks to bring to light the basic motives for wanting to teach using a series of true, false or maybe answers. These reasons would tend to change as a teacher gains experience and are therefore a very useful gauge of capability. They may also be used as the subject for a teachers' meeting.


Purple FlowersThe leader should distribute copies of the Sunday school questionnaire to every member of the group to complete individually before sharing the answers with one another. To share is to discover teamwork, one of the great secrets of successful Sunday school work. To be part of a team means to acknowledge your concerns, joys and experiences with others, to encourage when necessary, to worship together and to participate in common goals. Let Sunday school teaching not be a cold burdensome task, but a joy filled adventure and challenge.

Teachers Fellowship

Salt ContainerFellowship among the teachers is an essential part of our ministry together. Sunday school teaching is also a task for the evangelist, not just a transferring of knowledge or a well-meaning piece of social action. Teachers need to share in a significant and personal way the person of Jesus. Next, we will look at basic principles for Sunday school teaching.

"Sunday School Questionnaire"
by Ron Meacock © 1982 - 2017

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