Christian Mission Umbrella
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Christian Mission Umbrella
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Evangelism Main Initiative

Mission UmbrellaThe Rev David Watson (1933-1984) the British author and evangelist, once described the church in terms of a bus! The driver was up front and the passengers all faced forward too. Somebody even came and took your money! Like a passenger vehicle, the Christian community moved forward while Jesus steered. Everything that happened inside that "vehicle" was the mission of the church. The word "mission" in this context by the way was a term that included all the activities that were performed within a fellowship, church or congregation. In a healthy church, evangelism was one major element, worship another and social activity was another. Together these and other aspects combined into the "Christian mission umbrella."

All Elements Needed

If one element in this mission umbrella was neglected then the Body of Christ became unbalanced. A small ear infection can cause a full grown man to stagger and fall. In the same way, an overemphasis on one element of the Christian mission such as worship to the detriment of others disrupted the Body's delicate balance.✞

"Christian Mission Umbrella"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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