Church Growth Inventory
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Living Christian Faith 12

A Representative Group

Light in HandTo complete this inventory, choose a representative group in your church, ten active people selected at random from your congregation, and ask them the following questions. Have them answer either "yes" or "no", maybe is not allowed! Total the positive answers out of ten each time and enter the result in the space provided.

Church Growth Inventory Questions YES NO TOTAL YES
A. Were you raised in this church?
B. Is the minister one of the major reasons you come here?
C. Did you find a living Christian Faith in this church?
D. Have you been a member of any other congregation in the last five years?
E. Do you attend any midweek meetings other than Sunday worship?
F. Have you recently brought any friends or neighbors to worship with you?
G. Would you insist that children attend services after the age of twelve?
H. Have you brought any Christian friends to your church recently?
J. Have you spoken of your faith to anyone in your community recently?
K. Have you personally welcomed a stranger into this church in the last few weeks?
TOTALS (Add up columns)

"Church Growth Inventory"
by Ron Meacock © 1982 - 2017

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