Holy Communion Elements
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Holy Communion Elements
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Bread Plus Wine

Exalting HolinessWhen the Christian community gathers to celebrate the Lord's Supper, there are three basic elements which must always be present to make it authentic. God himself must be present in the person of the Holy Spirit, Christians must to be present as the mystical body of Christ and bread and wine must be present as the Eucharistic elements on the holy table. Substitute elements for bread and wine might be grape juice in a protestant church or wafers in a Catholic church, even gluten free crackers.


During the war in Japan, British prisoners of war substituted water and rice for wine and bread because there was nothing else to use. The people of God are the second of the elements present at Holy Communion. The group of individual born-again Christians meeting around the table are bound together by the head, Jesus Christ. God comes to the table in the form of the Holy Spirit when Christians gather to celebrate and remember Jesus' death and resurrection.


Bread plus WineThe congregation must contain at least one committed Christian for the Body of Christ to be present at Holy Communion or as it is sometimes called the Eucharist (meaning "thanksgiving.") The bread and wine are symbolic of work lives offered to God. The bread is produced from wheat, water and the labor of many hands. Dough is worked and kneaded at the kitchen table and baked to perfection in a hot oven. Lovingly tended, harvested, pressed and patiently fermented grapes are offered back to God as fine wine, the fruit of good soil, hard labor and time. It is a moment to be truly grateful as we remember Jesus' life on earth and his sacrifice by his death on the cross.✞

"Holy Communion Elements"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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