Brothers Index First
Brothers :
The Holy Spirit
and Jesus
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Brothers Index First
Pages 1-10

Holy Bible"Brothers Index First" is a unique ebook from Tellout that encourages each one of us on our spiritual journey. It includes day-to-day devotions into the relationships of the two brothers in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Spirit Relationship
Page 1
Holy Trinity Persons
Page 2
Father Son and Spirit
Page 3
Holy Spirit Presence
Page 4
Holy Spirit Truth
Page 5
Power Over Sickness
Page 6
Jesus Friend Peter
Page 7
Holy Jesus Christ
Page 8
Samaritan Woman
Page 9
Jesus Peace Gift
Page 10

The Brothers eBook is set out to be used as a daily Bible and devotional study highlighting the relationship between the Holy Spirit otherwise referred to as the Spirit which meant "the spirit of the holiness" and Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God and Savior of the World. This inevitably included also the relationships of the Holy Spirit and the Son with the Heavenly Father, as the third member of the Holy Trinity. There are 29 pages in this ebook.

Brothers Index
Pages 11-19

Holy BibleThis second part of Brothers Index First describes in a great variety of ways the relationship between the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Heavenly Father. It examines in detail all the Biblical references concerning the relationship between the Holy Spirit and Jesus. It may be used as a daily devotional Bible study. It is a 28-page study plus this index. Popular features are the Sinless Jesus Christ and Jesus Living Word.✞

Sinless Jesus
Page 11
Pre-existent Jesus Christ
Page 12
Jesus Living Word
Page 13
Jesus Death Resurrection
Page 14
Jesus Eternal Life
Page 15
Human Child Jesus
Page 16
Powerful Jesus Christ
Page 17
Holy Spirit Creation
Page 18
Holy Spirit's Creation
Page 19

Brothers Index
Pages 20-28

Holy BibleThis part of the Brothers Index First lists pages concerned with the interesting divine relationship between the Holy Spirit and Jesus as brothers. It examines in detail the Biblical and practical relationship between the Christian, the church and the Holy Spirit and Jesus. It is purposely set out for use as a daily Bible and Devotional study but may be used as a group study aid or as sermon material. There are 28 pages in this complete eBook. Popular features in this section are the Holy Spirit Judges, the Jesus Spirit Baptism. There are also sections on the Spirit-Filled Life, and the Holy Spirit Intercedes.

Holy Spirit Judges
Page 20
Holy Spirit Prophets
Page 21
Holy Spirit's Heart
Page 22
Spirit Leads Jesus
Page 23
Jesus Spirit Baptism
Page 24
Spirit Filled Life
Page 25
Holy Spirit Teaching
Page 26
Holy Spirit Prays
Page 27
Holy Spirit Intercedes
Page 28

"Brothers Index First"
by Ron Meacock

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