Revelation Introductory Notes
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Revelation Introductory Notes

A Treasure Trove

Elephant In PoolThe Biblical book of Revelation is a rich treasure trove for those who explore it. Revelation is equally exciting for the novice as for the expert of many years. It is a pool for a paddling baby or a swimming elephant. There is enough here for everyone. "A Glimpse of Glory" seeks to bring the exciting Biblical text of Revelation alive today. It encourages and supports Christians and non-Christians alike. It sets out to shed light on this ancient Biblical manuscript's meaning from almost 2,000 years ago. ✞

Exciting Biblical Text

Abyss ChristMany Christians are scared off by Revelation. Some try and fail to get past the scholarly theories or the problems of authorship. As valuable as they may be, academic arguments do not affect Revelation's message. My advice to you is to read this book as you would any other Bible passage. Climb into the original writer's mind and context and try to understand what he sees and feels. As you do, you will be captivated by this exciting text! ✞

Revelation Symbolism

Colored BalloonsUnfamiliar language, numbers, and colors saturate Revelation and purposefully dot its pages. Such symbolism is a communication technique between the author and readers. John of Patmos purposely and subtly conceals his actual intent and meaning from the ancient Roman authorities yet reveals it to Christian colleagues then and now.

Best Effect

Holy Bible PageThis daily devotional book provides one central thought for each Bible passage. It is a "primer, a source of encouragement, and a thought provoker for a Christian's busy working day." As a prayer, worship, and meditation devotional, it does not cover every detail of every subject. It leaves room for more information, study, and inspiration at another time and place. Each daily thought is deliberately short and designed to accommodate people with hectic schedules!

Prayer Devotional

Bible WorldEach page begins with a Bible passage from Revelation 1.1 to 22.18 from the "New International Version." The NIV is an entirely original Bible translation from the best Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. It was prepared in 1966 and revised in 2011 by a broad inter-denominational and international group. ✞

Margin Helps

Some helpful alternative keyword translations often appear in the margin of the NIV. Many Christians, pastors, and scholars consider it the best and most accurate translation available. It is easy to understand, straightforward, and widely used. Other versions may be equally helpful to you, and newer updates are coming out all the time. Sometimes, it is beneficial to be more concise with the text and replace a passive voice with an active one as it may be less clear and compelling to a modern reader. However, we must not lose the overall sense or the meaning of individual words or phrases. ✞

Bible Study Groups

Revelation IntroductionI have tried to describe unfamiliar places, people, and objects in the Bible text. Items like a "winepress," "cornerstone," or a "Biblical location" may not be familiar to Twenty-First Century people. Peruse this daily devotional's 91 sections as early morning meditations, breakfast family thoughts a commuting focus or as bedtime reading. You can use these Bible studies also as a Lenten series or an Advent devotional. In a more formal setting, these meditations can be read aloud in church, in a Bible study group, or used as a preacher's sermon series."

Other Bibles

CandleIn certain places, where helpful, we have quoted from the Living Bible (TLB) © 1971 by Tyndale House Foundation - used by permission. All rights reserved. Other quotes are from the Complete Jewish Bible © 1998 by David H. Stern. All rights reserved. Sometimes, we have punctuated the NIV slightly differently and removed unnecessary words or phrases to make the text more easily readable and understood. I have adopted an active rather than a passive voice where it is more appropriate. ✞

Encouragement and Inspiration

BibleWhenever and wherever you utilize these studies, they will provide daily discipline, encouragement, and inspiration. Pray before and after reading each day's page, reflect on them, and apply them to your lives. May this be a means of bringing Jesus into your life, home, family, and job. "Let the reader strive, and may God be glorified!"

"Revelation Introductory Notes"
by Ron Meacock © 2021

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