Revelation Introduction
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Revelation Introduction

A Treasure Trove

Elephant in PoolRevelation is a treasure trove of riches beyond imagination for those who explore it. It is equally exciting for the novice just starting or for the expert of many years. It is a pool in which a baby can paddle, or an elephant can swim. There is enough here for everyone, whether you want a little or a lot. "Revelation Now" seeks to bring this exciting Biblical text alive today. It endeavors to encourage and support Christians and non-Christians alike. It sets out to help us to understand the meaning of this ancient Biblical manuscript.

Exciting Biblical Text

Christ of the AbyssMany Christians are scared off by the Book of Revelation. Some people try and then fail to get past the scholarly theories or the authorship's perceived problems without success. As valuable as they may be, arguments between scholars do not affect the message of Revelation or its historical timeframe. My advice to you is to read this book as you would do the rest of the Bible. Climb into the original writer's mind as best you can and try to see what he sees and feel what he feels. As you do, you will be captivated as I am by this exciting story!✞

Unfamiliar Language

Colored BalloonsUnfamiliar language, numbers, and colors saturate the Book of Revelation and purposefully dot its pages. Such symbolism is a subtle means of communication between an author and their readers. In this way, John of Patmos, Revelation's writer, purposely conceals his actual intent and meaning from the ancient Roman authorities.

One Thought a Day

Holy Bible PageIn this book of daily devotionals, we provide one central thought for each Bible passage for reflection. It is useful as a "primer, a source of encouragement or a thought provoker for a Christian during a busy working day." These devotionals for prayer, worship, or other meditations will purposely not detail every subject. Still, they will leave room for more information, study, and inspiration at another time and place. Each daily thought is purposely short, confined to one digital page of 1,500 words, and designed to accommodate involved people with hectic schedules, like you!

Prayer Devotional

Bible WorldWe have highlighted the Bible passages shown in the "New International Version" in yellow at each page's top. This version, which is often called the NIV, is an entirely original translation of the Bible, produced by over a hundred modern scholars working from the best Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. It was prepared in 1966 and revised in 2011 by a broad inter-denominational and international group. The latest updates were compiled in 2011 together with alternative translations of some keywords in the margin. It is considered by many Christians, pastors, and scholars to be the best and most accurate translation available. It is easy to understand, straightforward, and used widely. Other versions may be equally helpful to you, and newer updates are coming out all the time. It is always good to compare the different versions of the Scriptures to understand the meaning more fully.

Bible Study Group

Bible Study Group Following the Biblical text, the devotional material is accompanied by photographs and illustrations to describe some places, people, and objects in the Bible text. Items like a "yoke" or a "cornerstone" or "swaddling clothes" may not be familiar to people in the Twenty-First Century. These devotionals may help as "an early morning meditation, a family thought at breakfast or a focus as you commute to work or even at bedtime. In a more formal setting, you can read them aloud in church, as the basis of a Bible study group, or as a preacher's sermon series."

Daily Encouragement

IpadThese Bible studies may also be useful as a series of Lenten or Advent Devotionals viewed on a laptop or PC or projected on to a screen in a hall or home. The daily devotionals render well on most small-screen formats like the iPhone 4,5,6 and 8, Galaxy, Lumia and Kindle, i-pad, i-pod, Blackberry, and most other mobile phones or devices. They work equally well on the full page of any computer or laptop on the internet. Whenever you utilize these studies, they will help provide you and your Christian friends with daily encouragement and inspiration. Pray over them, reflect on each day's thought, and apply them to your own lives. May this be a challenging and modern way to bring Jesus into your life, home, family, and job. "Let the reader strive and let God be glorified."

"Revelation Introduction"
by Ron Meacock © 2020

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