Journey Into Life
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Journey Into Life
Parts 1 to 3

Along the Road of LifeHere is a very special Booklet for your use and blessing. It is a booklet about the Christian faith by Norman Warren, ending with the "sinner's prayer." It was first issued in 1964. The booklet is written in very simple English. According to the Jubilate Group, it became "the world's best-selling evangelistic booklet with worldwide sales of 30 million." It has also been translated into many other languages. Although some find its style somewhat dated now, others still recommend it prominently. A revised edition, also by Norman Warren, was published in 2005. Warren also wrote a follow-up tract for people starting as a new Christian, "The Way Ahead." I hope that you will enjoy the many themes detailed below! Enjoy! Today's features are the Failed Human Standards Coming to Christ is an important topic with Come Jesus Christ. The subject of freedom is also reviewed with Christ Life Inside

Road to Jesus Christ

This Booklet consists of just 3 short parts.

Failed Human Standards
Part 1
Love Jesus Christ
Part 2
Christ Life Inside
Part 3

"Journey Into Life"
by N. L. Warren permission
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