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Baptisms Weddings Funerals
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Lots of Funerals

There will be a continued decreasing demand for "Baptisms Weddings and Funerals" in the churches. One of our local Anglican churches reported at the end of 2014 a record 0 weddings,1 baptism, and 11 funerals. On the other hand, there will be an increased desire for unusual sometimes weird ceremonies to mark the birth of a baby, the joining of two people in a common law arrangement and wake ceremonies in gardens, restaurants, boats and under favorite trees. These reflect the needs for a quirky kind of spirituality in both the Boomers and Millenials. Churches could react by designating a few redundant churches as "Marriage Chapels" as in Las Vegas as businesses or alternatively grieving centers, though this territory is already taken by funeral homes. Funeral Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet because people do not want the bells and whistles anymore. Being able to conduct baptisms, weddings, and funerals wherever the family requested would bring competition to the banquet hall business. Churches will need to compete commercially with other wedding facilities to win back the notion of the Christian Wedding. The Boomers will come for church weddings if we can be flexible and make a sound financial case for them. We need to offer people what they want but within certain Christian parameters. Our institution will need to become more flexible and loosen our rules as to the location but not the content to meet these new challenges. This is already happening in part.

Fear of Death

Boomers and Millenials will continue to be terrified of death and shun funerals and funeral parlors. Eternal life will in the future have little relevance with their emphasis on living life "to the max" right now. Our primary opportunity for evangelism in the coming years will likely be in teaching Christian meditation and spirituality through house, table and other small groups.

"Baptisms Weddings Funerals"
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