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The Demographic Shift for the Diocese of Toronto is an assessment of the effect of the large Baby Boom Generation as they begin to hit retirement age. According to population surveys, this group are likely to be the dominant supporters of the church like their predecessors were. The following books will be a helpful resource to people studying this phenomenon.

"Boom, Bust Echo" by David K. Foot with Daniel Stoffman (Macfarlane Want Ross, Toronto, 1996)✞

"Sex in the Snow - Canadian Social Values at the End of the Millennium" by Michael Adams (Viking Published by the Penguin Group, Toronto, 1997)

Statistics Canada Reports 1981, 1986, 1991 and 1996. "Selected Social and Economic Characteristics" (Minister of Supply and Services Canada, Ottawa)

Boom Bust and Echo

Convening Circulars - "Statistical Returns - Appendix E" (The Diocese of Toronto, 1998)

"Diocesan Directory" - January 1, 1998. Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Toronto.

"Sizing Up a Congregation for New Member Ministry" by Arlin Rothauge.

"The Church Growth Diagnostic Clinic"

"Boomers: Twisting The Retirement Mindset" August 7, 2007, By David Rando, JD, CLU, ChFC✞

Sunday Survey

Toronto Diocesan CrestWhy not conduct a survey of your own church or congregation on an average Sunday? Better to not hold it at Easter, Christmas or on a Baptism Sunday? Draw an "Age/Sex Profile" for your church congregation of percentages of the whole in male/female and in five-year age brackets. Compare it to the "Age/Sex Profile" of your wider parish community. You will need to compile it yourself from Statistics Canada. You might be very surprised by the comparison.

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