Christ Church Body The Demographic Shift
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Christ Church Body
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Some Positives

congregationHere are some positives as we journey into the future. We will be forced to become more spiritual, more reliant on the Word of God, less dependent on buildings and more dynamic. We will need loving communities, team-orientated fellowships, and charismatic leaders. Bishops will need to become teachers, mystics and gurus, true leaders and not managers.


To encourage us, we should look back over the history of the church with its ebbs and flows in history. This kind of swing in fortunes has happened before and God will bless the church again. My prayer is that we have the strength of character and spirituality as one segment of the wider Body of Christ to meet these challenges as they arise. Despite everything, we could come out the stronger. Down the ages, the Christian Faith has shown a great capacity to survive and even flourish under difficult conditions. It can cope without buildings, it can get by without an institutional structure. Beneath the heavy coat, which is the institutional church, will emerge the Body of Christ. This Mystical Body is an organism that cannot be killed. Her Head is Christ Himself, and her hands, feet, and limbs are remade by God so that the Body remains effective. Jesus Christ is her Lord. Though the outer church suffers or even dies, the Body of Christ will live on.

"Christ Church Body"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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