Demographic Casualties The Demographic Shift
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Demographic Casualties
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Heavy Canadian Losses

One other internal effect could possibly produce a mass return to the church. A major land-based war with large Canadian casualties or a major catastrophe of some kind could cause a large increase in church membership similar to the boom in attendance after World War II. It is highly unlikely, however, that in Canada our new breed of public relations-conscious Boomer politicians could stomach this or would allow this eventuality to happen. Secular societies have no stomach for war.

After the Shift

Only the very best parishes will survive the Demographic Shift in 2019. There will be few medium size churches for large Anglican churches are not found in Toronto Diocese apart from the evangelical Chinese Churches with their own Bishop. There will be many small and family sized churches closed especially in the rural areas and in the suburbs. The strongly conservative and charismatic churches that are left will probably do better as the Millenniums seem to be more attracted to them. It is estimated that 96 parishes will be left and approximately 133 members of the clergy.

List of Surviving Churches

Surviving Parishes

Surviving parishes will have a hard time maintaining their buildings without the wealthy elders who used to populate many churches. The Millenniums, if they come, have little in the way of extra resources to give and many churches have little or no savings to fall back upon.

Parishes and Clusters 2018 AD

"Demographic Casualties"
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