Internal Spiritual Reformation The Demographic Shift
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Internal Spiritual Reformation
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Mainline Churches Renewal

There are two internal possibilities which could counterbalance the effects of the demographic shift. First, our Churches could purpose an internal spiritual reformation of its principles and practice. This would entail the rediscovery of the church as the body of Christ and the Bible as the Word of God. This could have a profound effect on our future because it would transform how we do corporate ministry today. In many respects, our church has slipped from its formative purity. Being already immersed in a secular culture makes it difficult for many of us to see this. The answer is an internal spiritual reformation.


Another internal possibility is that "revival" which is a work of God could transform ordinary Christians spiritual lives and attitudes and empower us individually for ministry. Instead of doing church as we do business, Christian people would be led by God, the Holy Spirit. Repentance and spiritual awakening would be the first things we would desire. This new spirituality would meet the needs of the Boomers, Generation X'ers and Millenials who crave with all their hearts spiritual meaning. We could be the medium that God wants to use but first, we must experience spiritual reformation and the indwelling personal Jesus for ourselves.

"Internal Spiritual Reformation"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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