Shrinking Church The Demographic Shift
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Shrinking Church
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Demographic Shift

What could change this outcome? Is it possible to re-gear our present shrinking Church life to meet this challenge? With a concentrated effort, as was experienced in Toronto East Deanery some years ago, it is possible for parishes to flourish. Evangelism Committees in each of the twelve parishes that I engaged with planned and developed new projects for development. After two years, it was the only deanery in the whole diocese to have both a thriving youth ministry and an active Sunday school in every parish. This kind of development takes a major change in mindset, which is very difficult to achieve, especially in a majority of family-size Parish Churches led by dominant matriarchs and patriarchs. In pastoral and program parishes, the clergy has a greater opportunity to effect change but even this is not easy, especially in the long term.

"Shrinking Church"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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