Boom Bust Generation
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Boom Bust Generation
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Alban Institute

Alban Institute MotifMaterial for this course is drawn from the book, "Half the Congregation" by Robert McGribbon of The Alban Institute, "Sex in the Snow," "Better Happy than Rich" by Michael Adams and "Boom, Bust and Echo," by David K. Foot. Also used in these pages were Statistics Reports for Canada 1991, 1996, 2001, and "Restless Gods" by Reginald Bibby, and a number of other related sources. The "Boom" comprises the 32% of the population in Canada. The Baby Boom is a giant bulge in the population as the Canadian economist and demographer Michael Foot (1944-present) puts it, resembling "a snake that swallowed a rabbit." The leading question today for seniors is, "How will a shrinking population support a large retirement community?"

Boom, Bust and Echo

Rev Ron MeacockThe Rev Captain Ron Meacock has worked with over 30 Anglican parishes in the Toronto East and Scarborough Deaneries of the Diocese of Toronto on demographic models. As an introduction, a parish evangelism contact person arranges a team to conduct an unannounced survey of age and gender at an average Sunday morning congregation. The results may reveal how well the congregation is integrating into the local community.

Outline of Program

"Boom Bust Generation"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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