Church Member Visitation
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Church Member Visitation
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Into Active Participation

Church InteriorThe Church Member Visitation program is designed to train and set in place a team of visitors who can effectively build relationships with families, friends and lapsed members of the church and others in the community. The aim is to draw them back into active participation in Church life. The visitation is based upon materials from the Ministry to the Lapsed Program (L.E.A.D. Ministries) from New York. This training material has been adjusted from my own experiences in numerous training programs carried out in England and in Canada.

Ministry to the Lapsed

Haney HouseResearch tells us that there are three groups of lapsed church members. The first group of people worship less than once in six weeks, the second only at Christmas and Easter, the third only for weddings, funerals or baptisms. Church Growth research also indicates that one visit to a lapsed person's home from a concerned Church Member is often sufficient to bring that person and his or her family back into active participation in church life. This visitation program aims to build up and train a small core group of Christians who will visit and encourage the partially committed and lapsed members of their own church to invite them into greater involvement.

Training Sessions

Training SessionsThere are normally two training sessions followed by a pre-arranged Sunday afternoon or evening visit in the area or parish. The group then gathers to discuss their findings and to invite those contacted to a special guest service on a Sunday morning. This is set up with a free luncheon or evening dinner, during which a very simple telling of the Gospel is shared and special invitations are hand delivered to each family. The visitation team can systematically works through the church's membership list on subsequent occasions.

"Church Member Visitation"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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